A new era of
healthcare software.
Truly cloud native
Runs on Windows and Mac. Accessible everywhere. No installations or backups needed.
Secure and compliant
Using the highest security standards and compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulation.
Future Proof
Built on the most advanced medical IT standards (OpenEHR and FHIR).
Simplicity, Intuitiveness and great user experience
Healthcare is hard. Software shouldn't be.
"Consumer grade" user experience


A clean and modern user interface. Easy to use and intuitive. No more "death" with a thousand clicks.

A journey

Build relationships

Greet your patients in style with the Iryo Moshi tablet check-in app that will make your intake process a breeze.
Stay connected with them with the Iryo Moshi mobile app.

No installations, no Upgrades, No hassle.
Focus on your patients, not on your IT.
Saving money, time and STRESS

No hassle

Runs on Mac or Pc. No installation or migrations needed when you replace your computer. Backups are done automatically.
Access your information securely from any device at any time.