Let the software
work for you.

Increase patient satisfaction

With Iryo Moshi, everything will run smoothly and with style. From filling out intake forms to booking the patient's next appointment and everything in between.
We all judge books by their covers. With the sleek check-in app or the personalised reminders, we will help you make your cover shiny, modern and personal.
Friendly staff
Less time dealing with IT means less stress and more time to focus on the patients. That means your patients get the attention they deserve.

Turn encounters into relationships

For your waiting room

Go paperless

Replace all paper based documents with digital ones and store the information directly into the patient profile. Easier, quicker and more secure.

For your Patients

Smart reminders

Set up appointment reminders. Or send patients follow up notes the day after their procedure. Remind them to schedule a check-up if you haven't seen them in a while or ask them how they feel. Patients will feel respected, informed and well taken care of.


Invoicing, tailored to healthcare

With a click of a button turn an estimate into an invoice. Or link a patient's advance payment with an invoice and instantly know how much the patient still needs to pay.
Stay on top of your overdue invoices and know your revenue per doctor or patient.


Patient info at a glance

All administrative and clinical information about the patient in one place. Add notes, comments and collaborate with other users.